Dolls Na
me - Eliza

Designer - Kevin Berkahn

Jewellery by Idour - three strand princess Diana-sytle pearl and mother-of pearl necklace.

Dolls Name - Norma Jean

Designer - Trelise Cooper

Jewellery by Idour - A myriad of beads and pearls tangled and fashioned to give a Pandora's box style of sentimental necklace.

Doll's Name - Shirley

Designer - Adrian Hailwood

Jewellery by Idour - Sterling Silver and 18ct black pearl and turquoise drop earrings with a textured finish.

Doll's Name - d'Monstar

Designer - Nom*D

Jewellery by Idour - Sterling silver Mercedes emblem accessory and heavy-set three finger knuckleduster, used in a way which relates to the Nom*D sensibility of international youth culture

Doll's Name - Airini (Irenie)

Designer - Jane Rhodes

Jewellery by Idour - Double-strand necklace made of blue and clear Swarovski crystals, black, white and gold freshwater pearls with matching earrings.

 Dolls name - Ana

Designer - Doris de Pont

Jewellery by Idour - Gold cuff bracelett with African garnet, amber and turquoise.  Matching earrings with shimmering white sapphires.


The Radio Lollipop Designer Doll Exhibition

New Zealand

An exhibition that is possibly a world first.  

A unique collaboration of New Zealand's top fashion designers and artists were selected.  

Jan McLean of Jan McLean Designs in Dunedin who is a world leader in doll making made each doll  to a custom design that was requested by individual designers.

Chris Idour collaborated with some of these designers to create custom made, scale jewellery for individual dolls.

The twelve designers then each dressed a doll - inspired by their winter collection.

Designers were

Kevin Berkahn

Tanya Carlson

Trelise Cooper

Doris de Pont

Adrian Hailwood

Liz Mitchell


Jane Rhodes


Helen Talbot

Adrienne Winkelmann


These artists and designers contributed their efforts for the childrens charity, Radio Lollipop New Zealand.  

The dolls will be auctioned at a grand gala dinner.

What is Radio Lollipop?  An exciting self-funding charity dedicated to providing comfort, care and play for children in hospitals through a team of trained volunteers who runs a fully equipped radio station in childrens hospitals.  The charity receives no government funding and costs close to $90,000 per year to run and provides cheer and laughter at a time when it is needed the most.

The dolls Chris Idour designed Jewellery for are shown below -

(pictures kindly provided by Jan McLean and for more information on the auction visit www.janmcleandolls.com)


Freshwater pearls & cubic zirconian collar and bracelet

Choker of beads, pearls and stones


A selection of Dunedin's most talented and creative Jewellers are chosen to show off their work at the Dunedin Fashion ID Week.  Each year, a sold out crowd  view  this exciting event as Vanity Walk models showcase each artists jewellery.  

Chris Idour had a number of fabulous pieces of exclusive designer jewellery on display.


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